Tips to Streamlining a Complex Process – Productivity Intelligence™

Tips to Streamlining a Complex Process – Productivity Intelligence™

Ways to Streamline a Business ProcessThe Productivity Intelligence Institute understands the importance of creating a well-designed process in a business setting. As a project manager, developing a sustainable path toward a goal can be just as critical as reaching it. Inefficient processes lead to lost time, unnecessary friction, and frustration. A smooth process accomplishes goals and creates a positive team culture.


Gerald J. Leonard

Gerald J. Leonard is an international expert on the topics of Developing A Culture That Works, Strategy Implementation, and Project Portfolio Management. He is the author of Culture Is The Bass: 7 Principles for Developing A Culture That Works, and the upcoming book, Workplace Jazz: How Emotionally Connected Teams Thrive and Sustain Results. He is the CEO of Principles of Execution (PofE), a Certified Minority Business Enterprise with over 20+ years experiencing working with large Federal and State Governments and Multi-National Corporations. Gerald provides an insightful and unique way of combining his experience and expertise as a professional bassist and a certified Portfolio Management Professional consultant. Find out how you can work with Gerald as your business coach or attend one of his upcoming programs