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Entrepreneur Magazine List of the “Top 15 Books on Business Culture That You Need to Read Today”.
“Leonard’s debut compares the culture of an organization to the bass in an orchestra. The author is obviously passionate about both music and project portfolio management, and his enthusiasm shines through the text. Nicely orchestrated and well-executed business advice.”
Kirkus Reviews

In Workplace Jazz, the author raises a battle cry for individual and corporate responsibility in building cultures that are healthier and more productive for those working in them.
Workplace Jazz offers a step-by-step process, enhanced with stories, neuroscience research, case studies, metaphors, and a strategic blueprint for developing connected and high-performing project teams based on the author’s experiences as a professional musician certified conversational intelligence coach, and certified business consultant.

Symphony of Choices – coming in 2022

Jerry has been hired as a Symphony Orchestral Manager and must be able to plan the new season – the 100th anniversary of the symphony. He's faced with handling an array of challenges. He has played with the symphony for 20 years and has the experience from understanding things from the music side, but does he have to skills necessary to manage the Symphony's portfolio multiple projects of the year.

Productivity Intelligence

According to a recent survey conducted by the Project Management Institute, “The newly-released figures predict that nearly 22 million new jobs will be created during the next decade — and by 2027, employers will need nearly 88 million individuals working in project management-oriented roles.”

Billion-Dollar Beat: All Successful Businesses Have a Hidden Soundtrack