How to Get Out of an Unproductive Cycle – Productivity Intelligence™

How to Get Out of an Unproductive Cycle. Falling into an unproductive loop can cause severe problems within the workplace and in your personal life. We all want to accomplish something great each day, but when stress and other distractions get in the way of our motivation to complete our work, we must take action […]

How Do Leaders Stay Motivated? – Productivity Intelligence™

How Do Leaders Stay Motivated? Managing a project requires strong leadership skills and ample amounts of motivation. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to maintain enthusiasm. https://productivityintelligenceinstitute.com/lead-your-industry/how-do-leaders-stay-motivated/

Steps to Making Ideas Actionable – Productivity Intelligence™

Steps to Making Ideas Actionable. Joan Baez said, “Action is the antidote to despair.” Making ideas actionable seems easy enough, but everyday life has a tendency of getting in the way. This is why it’s essential to follow a set of steps. When you make a plan, one that you work on regularly, you’ll be […]

Make It Stop: How to Stop Complicating Your Life – Productivity Intelligence™

Make It Stop: How to Stop Complicating Your Life. Life isn’t that complicated, but our inability to focus can make it seem that way. If you don’t start each day with a clear plan and a well-defined goal, your day could unravel and spin out of control. https://productivityintelligenceinstitute.com/streamline-complex-processes/make-it-stop-how-to-stop-complicating-your-life/

Tips to Streamlining a Complex Process – Productivity Intelligence™

Ways to Streamline a Business ProcessThe Productivity Intelligence Institute understands the importance of creating a well-designed process in a business setting. As a project manager, developing a sustainable path toward a goal can be just as critical as reaching it. Inefficient processes lead to lost time, unnecessary friction, and frustration. A smooth process accomplishes goals […]

WPJ016: 3 Ways to Streamline Your Processes – Workplace Jazz™

3 Ways to Streamline Your Processes. Small incremental changes over time produce monumental results and streamlining your processes requires three steps to do so. In this podcast, Gerald reviews and articulates these steps. https://workplace-jazz.com/2020/12/wpj016-3-ways-to-streamline-your-processes/


THE SUCCESS CULTURE MINDSET – In this podcast, Gerald shares his key insights to help executives who deal with complexity and diverse teams realize the elements behind a successful culture mindset. https://workplace-jazz.com/2020/12/wpj015-the-success-culture-mindset/

WPJ014: The Benefits of Coaching – Workplace Jazz™

The Benefits of Coaching. The best of athletes use coaches to improve their game and their mindset. Expert guidance and powerful insights are a few of the benefits Gerald shares in this podcast. Listen and discover the transformational value and why you should consider hiring your own coach. https://workplace-jazz.com/2020/11/wpj014-the-benefits-of-coaching/