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Tools to Help You Find Your Billion Dollar Beat and Discover Your Hidden Soundtrack and Turn Your Clients and Customers Into Raving Fans! 

Discover the Proven Process for Accomplishing More Every Day Without Being Overwhelmed, and Stressed Out


Culture Is The Bass: 7 Steps to Creating High Performing Teams



“Leonard’s debut compares the culture of an organization to the bass in an orchestra. The author is obviously passionate about both music and project portfolio management, and his enthusiasm shines through the text. Nicely orchestrated and well-executed business advice.”
— Kirkus Reviews


Workplace Jazz Published by Business Express Press – Coming Soon



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Ascending to the APEX of the Project Management Ladder



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Success Principles 6 Week Program



Conversational Intelligence 7 Weeks Embodiment Program

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Creating A Culture of Execution: 
7 Steps to Overcoming Team Resistance and Accomplishing More Every day! 

Productivity Intelligence Institute Membership Program

Audio Program – Coming Soon

  • 7 Principles for Developing A Learning Culture That Works

Music Albums – To Be Released Soon

Workplace   (Produced by Donald Robinson)

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