What people are saying about Culture is the BASS!


“This concept and book are genius! Gerald's performance/speech about the book's strategies- brilliant! Gerald uses his considerable music skills to turn you into a better business leader FAST. You could read other leadership books without his perfect metaphors and analogies and miss the small nuances that make for a great executive. His music descriptions help you see and hear your next moves immediately. Really, I have seen zillions of speeches on leadership. Gerald's approach is unique, thought-provoking and totally entertaining. Plus, it is relevant right now. Our cultures in about every aspect of our lives may have changed with this election. We might need a clear bass for moving forward like never before, so Gerald gives us the ideas and tools to stay on a stable track. Thank you, Gerald! You are ready for a fantastic TEDx talk!”

jan-foxJan Fox – 4X Emmy Winner, TV Reporter, Speaker, Coach and Author


“I've had the privilege of hearing Gerald Leonard speak half a dozen times, and his ideas are insightful, actionable, and energizing. I think the analogy with music works very well in this new book, and it adds a new perspective to looking at PPM.”

mitzi-perdueMitzi Perdue – Author of TOUGH MAN, TENDER CHICKEN, Business and Life Lessons from Frank Perdue


“What I love about this book is the analogy. Ever listened to just the tuba? Or second fiddles? It's really not that interesting. But when you put it together, it can move your soul… And professional musicians know that a good conductor brings a vision that transports the performance to a whole new level… but it's the underlying culture that forms the platform on which the conductor builds.”

stuart-eastonStuart Easton – CEO of TransparentChoice

“Gerald, thanks for sharing this with us. I love the analogy of the orchestra to business, because just as the conductor needs to surround his / herself with the best players, so does the CEO or manager. Companies can't make beautiful “music” for their clients without the right people, in the right chairs. But you are also right to point out that every step in the process has to be right, both internally and customer-facing. Efficiency and creating an exceptional customer experience comes from planning and preparation, then execution. I'm sure companies, large and small, will benefit from reading this book… and so will their customers and bottom lines!”

alan-bergAlan Berg – CSP Certified Speaking Professional®, Consultant, and Marketing Guru


“Love the graphics. Excellent points. Culture is so difficult to define and affect. This approach really makes sense.”

serena-e-sacksSerena E Sacks – CIO at Fulton County Schools



“Nice job, Gerald. Congrats on breathing life into a topic that is often uninteresting – where everyone is using the same tired ideas. I don't think one needs to be a musician to appreciate your metaphor. With that said, I think a musician will readily see the layers of content you have created with this very unique and interesting book.”

bill-catesBill Cates, Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker, Author of Get More Referrals Now and Beyond Referrals


“Bravo Gerald! While I played in a band in high school and college, I feel your analogy will work with anyone who listens to music. It has a universal appeal, and it's obvious how it can work well together and how it can be a disaster even with the best individual players. Keep charging forward!”

buzz-walkerBuzz Walker – Global President, CEO, Board Member | Renewable, Internet Technology


“I love this – it is spot on with what an organization needs to have a successful culture. Every single company, community, family, and the organization have a culture, even if it is by accident. Having an on purpose culture is vital to the success of any group – and I believe Gerald J. Leonard has it down.”

brynne-and-my-book-2Brynne Tillman · Chief Learning Officer at PeopleLinx

“Gerald, you created a masterpiece. Using music as the metaphor for culture opened up my mind, and it is so true in the business world. I never equated music and business, but I now see the direct correlation.”

darlene-t-carverDarlene T. Carver, Co-author of THE MASTERS OF SUCCESS, along with Ken Blanchard, Jack Canfield, and John Christensen.


“The analogy powerfully sketched the organization, collaboration, process alignment and results delivery that PPM brings. I think that even someone new to project and portfolio management (and being a music enthusiast helps) can be able to wrap his/her arms around these concepts.”

MaricarBurt Dilan · Calgary, Alberta

“Just as there are different levels of performance of orchestras, there are different levels of portfolio management success and Gerald Leonard gives a fresh perspective through his case studies and multi-faceted experience. One of the biggest takeaways for me was thinking about the relationship between engagement and success.

Gabriela Cadena, PMP, CERT, ALB/ACB Project Management * Speaker * Creative Thinker