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“Gerald, you have a very interesting background and the story about how you combined the principles of creating great jazz performances in the musical world with creating high-performance productivity in the business world. I’m excited about your book. I liked reading it and I’m going to apply some of the principles to my team. ”
Jack Canfield
Jack Canfield, Coauthor of the bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul series
“I had the opportunity to attend Gerald's session on the 7 Principles For Developing A Culture That Works during MPI Potomac’s Mid-Atlantic Conference & Expo. We are an industry of Meeting, Conference & Event Professionals, who are Planners and Suppliers. I was impressed by his understanding of the hospitality industry, as well as ability to tailor his story. ”
SHELLI VASSER GILLIAM, CMP Meeting Professionals International (Potomac) Co-Chairman, Certification
“Congratulations, Gerald, on your new book. You have obviously put a lot of heart into it. This wonderful, enjoyable book entertains you and opens your mind and heart to inspire others. It can change your life and the lives of others.”
Brian Tracy
Brian Tracy, Author/Speaker/Consultant