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"Gerald provided exceptional leadership, vision, and a remarkably patient and steady hand during this multi-year, multi-iteration installment. His knowledge, organization, temperament, positive energy, responsiveness and follow-through were all critical to VDOT’s success. He provided expert guidance on improving efficient and effective project oversight. Gerald led the development team, and consistently championed schedule data quality. He provided training for project managers across the Commonwealth, and prepared a variety of training aids and reference materials."

Rob Tieman, P.E., Director, Project Management Office (PMO) Virginia Department of Transportation

“As a musician myself I love the analogy/metaphor of music being compared to business. There are lots of similarities, as you show us.”

Shep Hyken – Customer Service Expert, Keynote Speaker & New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author

“Gerald Leonard is an exceptional person in both fields. He understands systems and cultures and processes plus he is a world-class professional musician. I've performed with him in the National Speakers Association's "All Star Band" and was amazed by his rock-steady performance and his unbelievable versatility.”

Jim Cathcart – Mentor, Strategic Advisor, Motivational Expert, Sales Consultant, Entertainer & Author

“Gerald, I enjoyed reading the metaphor of how a great culture is like an orchestra. You can't make beautiful music and enjoy harmony without a commitment from all to play their part. You must have the right leadership, and the right players, playing to their strengths.”

Shirley Davis, Ph.D., CSP, SPHR, SHRM-SCP President of SDS Global Enterprises

“Gerald, you created a masterpiece. Using music as the metaphor for culture opened up my mind, and it is so true in the business world. I never equated music and business, but I now see the direct correlation.”

Darlene T. Carver, Co-author of THE MASTERS OF SUCCESS, along with Ken Blanchard, Jack Canfield, and John Christensen.

“I love this - Having an on purpose culture is vital to the success of any group - and I believe Gerald J. Leonard has it down.”

Brynne Tillman · Chief Learning Officer at PeopleLinx

“Gerald. Congrats on breathing life into a topic that is often uninteresting - I don't think one needs to be a musician to appreciate your metaphor.”

Bill Cates, Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker, Author of Get More Referrals Now and Beyond Referrals

“Culture is so difficult to define and affect. This approach really makes sense.”

Serena E Sacks – CIO at Fulton County Schools

“Gerald, I love the analogy of the orchestra to business, because just as the conductor needs to surround his / herself with the best players, so does the CEO or manager. Companies can't make beautiful "music" for their clients without the right people, in the right chairs.”

Alan Berg – CSP Certified Speaking Professional®, Consultant, and Marketing Guru

“What I love about this book is the analogy. Ever listened to just the tuba? Or second fiddles? It's really not that interesting. But when you put it together, it can move your soul... And professional musicians know that a good conductor brings a vision that transports the performance to a whole new level... but it's the underlying culture that forms the platform on which the conductor builds.”

Stuart Easton – CEO of TransparentChoice

"This concept and book are genius! Gerald's performance/speech about the book's strategies- brilliant! Gerald uses his considerable music skills to turn you into a better business leader FAST. Thank you, Gerald! You are ready for a fantastic TEDx talk!"

Jan Fox – 4X Emmy Winner, TV Reporter, Speaker, Coach and Author

“Gerald has the unique ability to take a subject such as Portfolio Management and simplify it and make it understandable to a diverse group of professionals in various job fields. I look forward to working with Gerald in the future on other PMI alliance endeavors”.

Keith Rosenbaum

“Gerald, demonstrated a deep knowledge of portfolio management and responded with confidence to attendee questions. From my perspective as the event planner, coordinating with Gerald was exceptionally easy.”

Lance Holland

“Gerald is a genius at public speaking, he has a unique way of drawing you in, using music to help underpin his message”

Mitzi Perdue

Helping Teams Thrive and Sustain Results

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