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“Success has a rhythm. And everyone can play it. Gerald J. Leonard PfMP PMP kicked off today’s gsgnola24 by literally playing that rhythm for us, with us 🎸”

Francesco Bianchi 


Project Portfolio Management Maturity Modeling

Imagine a workplace where teams are not only highly productive but also creatively engaged. This isn't just a dream; it's a reality with the right approach. Many organizations struggle with low productivity and lack of innovation, especially after mergers or when forming new teams. Gerald Leonard understands these challenges deeply. With over 25 years of experience, he has helped countless companies transform their workforces into high-performing, innovative teams.

Increased Productivity: Implement proven strategies to boost your team’s efficiency.

Enhanced Innovation: Foster a culture that supports and encourages creative thinking.

Effective Change Management: Navigate mergers and team formations smoothly.

Real-World Strategies: Practical approaches that Gerald has successfully applied across diverse industries

Solly Poprish


I had the opportunity to collaborate with Gerald for the Scrum Alliance Global Scrum Gathering New Orleans 2024 where Gerald was one of our keynote speakers and I was co-emcee. Gerald is a captivating speaker. His content was exceptional, especially the neuroscience elements which shows the science behind the practice. He's very knowledgeable and an amazing storyteller with personal stories which indicates his wisdom from experience, both professional and personal. Gerald's mix of playing the bass during his talk is a breath of fresh air. What a nice symphony of music and content. Four things that stood out for me as my take aways in Gerald's talk are; 1. Deliberate Practice (being intentional) 2. Find a Coach (work on our blind spots) 3. Find a band (perform and belong) 4. "Conversation is not just verbal, it's chemical" - so powerful for me. Thank you Gerald for such inspiration.

Topics + Outcomes

Audience members will quickly identify what’s not working in their portfolio, while they learn actionable strategies for improvement like these:

• How to counteract automaticity (the ability to perform routine tasks without thinking) by actively setting bigger goals and higher performance standards instead. By encouraging deliberate practice of new skills, accuracy, and control, project managers can raise the level of reliable performance in their teams and deliver large, complex, and global initiatives quicker than ever before.

• How to teach team members to not only be open to feedback, but to also use it to refine the project’s goals and direction, enhance their performance, develop closer working relationships, improve decision-making abilities, and increase possibility thinking.

• How to create a more compelling vision for each project amongst team members, including how to use proven visualization techniques to enhance clarity, develop a more direct path to the ideal outcome, and prioritize meaningful activities.

• How to use peer coaching to build team trust, realign team culture, and create nimble teams that are dedicated to keeping project goals on track.

From project managers to tech entrepreneurs to state and federal project managers and others, your audience will benefit from actionable strategies like these:

• The essential keys to selecting the right projects—and executing projects aligned with your strategic goals—leading to overall success for the organization beyond just wins for individual departments or projects.

• How to engage and align your teams by taking advantage of what jazz musicians know that
most businesspeople don’t—raising the level of reliable performance from all team members.

• How to create an environment where employees are motivated, inspired, and committed to achieving organizational objectives . . . leading to higher standards at all levels.

• How to leverage the neuroscience of decision-making and get everyone’s involvement and
buy-in—leading to smarter, faster, and more accurate decisions as projects roll out.

With A Symphony of Choices, your audience will learn a proven step-by-step process for creating better outcomes. Enhanced with stories, neuroscience, case studies, and of course music, you will see a strategic blueprint for developing connected and high-performing project teams to help you deliver reliable results toward your company’s strategic goals.

Harmonizing Sustainability: From Novice to Expert

Dive into the world of sustainable transformation with our keynote presentation, designed for organizations and government agencies eager to embrace eco-friendly initiatives.

Drawing parallels with the artistry of jazz, this session will guide you in identifying and implementing projects that not only align with your strategic objectives but also foster a culture of motivation and high standards among your team. The presentation goes a step further, integrating insights from neuroscience to enhance collective decision-making, ensuring comprehensive involvement and commitment for more efficient, accurate, and smarter project execution.

In the spirit of ‘Zero to Climate Hero,' this keynote will:

•        Offer solutions to prevalent sustainability obstacles,

•        Introduce Greenly’s platform for informed, data-driven decisions,

•        Highlight tangible success stories from Turnberry Premiere.

Participants will gain more than just insights; they will leave with a clear, actionable roadmap to elevate their role from sustainability beginners to influential players in the realm of environmental stewardship.

Embark on a transformative journey towards sustainability excellence. This keynote is not just a talk but a strategic guide to building cohesive, high-performing teams, all aimed at achieving your organization's ambitious sustainability goals.”

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