A lack of buy-in from your delivery team is the first of three challenges Gerald’s clients are facing. Listen to this podcast and discover these challenges, what to do about them and how to hold your team accountable to agreed upon decisions and plans. https://workplace-jazz.com/2020/11/wpj003-challenges-my-clients-are-facing/


In this episode, Gerald interviews Donald Robinson, a Grammy Nominated Producer, Songwriter, Arranger, and Studio Owner. During this interview, Donald shares lessons he learned from Groover Washington Jr. and how Groover set the example for his band in life, music, and connecting with the next generation of musicians. https://workplace-jazz.com/2020/11/gerald-j-leonards-conversation-with-donald-robinson/

WPJ001: HOW TO IMPROVISE – Workplace Jazz™

During this first podcast, Gerald shares what music taught him that he uses to help his clients in their business. He also shares about his new book “Workplace Jazz,” where he raises a battle cry for individual and corporate responsibility in building cultures that are both healthier and more productive for those working in them, […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Reducing Stress – Productivity Intelligence™

A Beginner’s Guide to Reducing StressThe more responsibilities you have, the more stress builds up. If you want to improve workplace culture and be an effective leader, you’ll need to learn how to manage stress and handle tasks without buckling under the pressure. https://productivityintelligenceinstitute.com/reduce-stress/a-beginners-guide-to-reducing-stress/

How to Become a Leader in Your Industry – Productivity Intelligence™

How to Become a Leader in Your Industry? When it comes to taking the next step in your career, focusing on becoming an authority in your industry is a great place to start. Being established as an expert in a specific niche could lead to a lot of opportunities. How to Become a Leader in […]

How to Increase Productivity While Working from Home – Productivity Intelligence™

How to Increase Productivity While Working from Home. Whether you’re a seasoned pro at working from home or the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown you into the deep end, navigating the blurred lines between your personal and professional life can be a daily struggle. https://productivityintelligenceinstitute.com/increase-productivity/how-to-increase-productivity-while-working-from-home/

Stressed? Here Are Some Ways to Reduce It – Productivity Intelligence™

According to Google, stress is “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.” The American Institute of Stress had this to say about stress: “Numerous studies show that job stress is far and away the major source of stress for American adults and that it has escalated […]

How to Streamline Complex Processes – Productivity Intelligence™

According to Trackvia.com, there are six ways to streamline complex processes and increase workflow. The first step has to do with taking a business workflow inventory. The article has this to say about it: “List each process, write down what you believe the purpose of that process is, and then list all of the people […]